9 Awesome and Environmentally-Friendly Newsletters To Spice Up Your Inbox

Sep 16, 2021
Chatty Garrate


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Whether you are looking for a break on the usual trend in your email inbox or are really into making a big lifestyle change and improvement, environmentally-friendly newsletters can provide you with the information you need so that you can contribute to the environmental control we all need to act on now.

Today, we will provide you with an array of newsletters in the sustainability and eco-living realms so that you can catch up with the latest trends and find useful information which you can incorporate into your daily routine.

Having a plethora of environmentally friendly newsletters can be a breath of fresh air especially when you learn about the progress and advancements in environmental management. Although there is still much to do, these newsletters can make you realize that change is happening and there is really so much more to be optimistic about and be grateful for. Start organizing your emails and make room for more interesting ones with:

  1. EcoWatch (www.ecowatch.com) This is a leading news website that also covers environmental news. They feature content from world-renowned environmental leaders on their Insights blog but the ones that are always worth the read are their green living and sustainable business articles.

  2. The Good Trade (www.thegoodtrade.com) One of the most popular media outlets, The Good Trade, highlights sustainable living. Each newsletter includes a variety of topics which normally consists of an inspirational quote or a note, a music/podcast suggestion to go with your read, a recipe that you can try, and more information about a sustainable product or brand. All these are for you to fully immerse yourself in a sustainable lifestyle.

  3. The Guardian (www.theguardian.com) With over 200 years in the business, The Guardian is not only home to general news. It also has a space dedicated to environmental happenings and debates. The Guardian Environment discusses issues on climate crisis, wildlife, energy, and pollution but what their readers are always on the lookout for are their articles on green living. They offer their readers a plethora of local and international topics with links to excellent resources. In each edition, a section called “The Week of Wildlife — in Photos” catches readership and attention.

  4. Grist (www.grist.org) Grist is always a hit for being an irreverent and intelligent source of environmental news and commentary. This site campaigns for environmental awareness and also writes about energy, politics, business, food, climate issues, and green living. Their occasional baby animal features are also definitely something you should look forward to. Writing the best newsletters has always been easy for Grist. This has been proven by their extensive, lighthearted, and fun articles that may often include some serious undertones. This approach appeals to millennials and allows you to pass time while keeping yourself informed, aware but entertained. “The Beacon”, a daily newsletter that features uplifting and inspirational environmental articles is something you should check out.

  5. Business Green (www.businessgreen.com) For discussions about sustainability for businesses, lean on to Business Green. Most readers love Business Green because of its excellent Twitter feed and they are quite responsive too. This newsletter also covers politics and how it contributes or interferes with various business and sustainability issues. You can learn more about sustainability as well as investing in long-term net-zero initiatives with Business Green. Access to their news headlines, blogs, and reviews is free.

  6. How To Save A Planet (www.gimletmedia.com) This is originally a popular environmental podcast that eventually had an associated newsletter of the same title. How To Save A Planet does not only rely on the topics covered on the podcast but rather provides a deeper understanding of the stories discussed in each. The topics in the past include climate change and how to mitigate it from kelp farming to paying tribute to the indigenous environmental practices done by the Yurok tribe.

  7. FastCo.Exist (www.fastcompany.com) FastCo.Exist is the sustainable business affiliate of the Fast Company magazine. If you are interested in knowing more news about innovative business models, cleaner technology, and new economic policies, FastCo.Exist can provide just that. Their approach to newsletters is uniquely different compared to the others in this list since theirs are visually stimulating. Other topics they cover are leadership, technology, and philanthropy.

  8. Environmental and Energy Study Institute (www.eesi.org) EESI has a more serious approach to newsletters as they cover the latest research happenings in climate change and policies. If you are a business leader looking for a pleasurable reading experience, trust that EESI can help you be abreast with all the information you need in one go. Their comprehensive but readable articles are synthesized from reputable resources such as the New York Times and the Scientific American.

  9. UNEP Climate Action Program (www.unep.org) This newsletter is known to be straightforward and direct. As such, it is perfect for researchers but it is also handy for your daily dose of climate news. UNEP CAP brings you reports and interviews with business leaders which can be an eye-opener as to what future climate steps can be taken from the corporate perspective. Their newsletter also includes the latest job openings in the green industry.

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