Discover 50+ Of The Best Email Newsletter Tools In 2020

Jun 30, 2020
Choosing the right tools to build, grow, and monetize your newsletter can be a difficult task.

That's why we collected over 50 of the best newsletter tools to give you a better idea of what's available and help you find the tools you need.

Have any email newsletter tools that you recommend that aren't on the list yet? Feel free to message me on Twitter or create a PR on the Awesome Newsletter Tools repo on GitHub.


  • AdMan - tool to help newsletters sell more ads
  • Letterwell - platform to buy and sell ad space on newsletters



  • GlockApps - tool to diagnose email deliverability problems
  • GMass - platform used to increase open rates and send bulk emails




Inbox Management

  • Inspiratio - a simple, focused reading app for your newsletters
  • Kill the newsletter - create an RSS feed from newsletter subscriptions
  • Mux - receive and organize your newsletters in a special mailbox
  • Newslettrs - get all your newsletters in one place
  • Slick Inbox - break free of a cluttered email inbox
  • Stoop - quit the news feed, embrace the newsletter
  • Supscrib - the new way of subscribing anonymously to newsletters



  • Ghost - popular CMS for building blogs
  • Wordpress - popular CMS for building sites and blogs


  • Buttondown - email newsletter platform tool with automation and emphasis on speed and ease of use
  • Goodbits - email newsletter builder that turns your saved bookmarks, social feeds, or Slack channel into curated article in minutes
  • Iteretta - email newsletter service with a focus on simplicity
  • Osmosys - seamlessly convert and send content from your website using email
  • Revue - editorial newsletter tool for writers and publishers
  • Substack - email newsletter platform designed for small publishers hoping to turn their subscribers into paying customers
  • TinyLetter - free newsletter service with a focus on privacy
  • Unalike - collaborative newsletter publishing for writers and storytellers


  • AWeber - email marketing service with a focus on power and simplicity
  • BEE Pro - email design tools for marketing teams and agencies
  • Benchmark - email marketing service to create ongoing customer engagement
  • Campaign Monitor - email marketing and automation service
  • Campaigner - email marketing service to create personalized 1:1 interfactions
  • Constant Contact - email marketing software with automation
  • ConvertKit - email marketing tools and automation for online creators
  • Drip - marketing ecommerce CRM platform
  • Emma - email marketing software to optimize targeted campaigns
  • GetResponse - email marketing platform with campaigns, online surveys, and follow-up autoresponders
  • HubSpot - marketing, sales, and service software
  • Keap - service for CRM, sales, and marketing
  • Mailchimp - all-in-one integrated marketing platform
  • MailerLite - email marketing platform with a drag and drop editor
  • Mailjet - platform for email and SMS marketing
  • MailUp - email marketing automation service
  • Postcards - intuitive email builder for teams and individuals
  • Salesforce Pardot - marketing automation solution that easily integrates with Salesforce
  • SendInBlue - marketing platform with email marketing service
  • SendLoop - email marketing automation service with a drag-n-drop email builder
  • Zoho Campaigns - email marketing software that helps businesses drive more sales

Open source

  • listmonk - self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager
  • Mautic - community-driven marketing automation project
  • SendPortal - open-source self-hosted email marketing service that integrates with multiple providers
  • Sendy - self-hosted email newsletter app that lets you send trackable emails through Amazon SNS
  • Mailpoet - email plugin for WordPress to create and send newsletters through their own sending platform


  • Mailgun - email API service for sending, receiving, and tracking emails
  • Postmark - provider for sending application emails
  • SendGrid - platform for transactional and marketing email

Referral Programs

  • Ambassador - referral program software
  • Firewards - referral service specific to email newsletters
  • Gather - email marketing referral program software
  • Mention Me - referral marketing and customer retention software
  • SparkLoop - referral service specific to email newsletters


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